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One of the most exciting resources and strategies for collaboration is the wealth of Sponsorship opportunities available for just about every type of concievable program, product or organization. We are happy to initially share information about two of the leading Sponsorship experts we highly recommend, Roberto Candelaria one of our Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award Recipients, and Linda Hollander. We especially recommend you take a look at the upcoming Sponsorship Boot Camp September 21-23, 2017 in Orlando, FL, with Roberto Candelaria!



The Ultimate Event for Sponsorship Success with Best-selling Author and Expert Roberto Candelaria.

Some of the event topics include:

  • ​Shopping for the ideal sponsors quickly, even if you currently don’t have a market or products.
  • Creating irresistible proposals that set you far apart from other businesses. How To EASILY do the math… Grow Your Income & Profit By Getting Sponsored
  • The 3 Keys to Get Sponsored: Relationships, Benefits, and Accountability. Master This & You’ll Be Ahead of the Game!
  • Understanding the Difference Between Sponsorships and Donations…offer too much trade and you’ll come up delinquent and be swimming in debt.

Don’t miss The Ultimate Event for Sponsorship Success with ​International ​ Best-selling Author and Sponsorship Expert Roberto Candelaria. Ultimate Sponsorship Boot Camp


Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award - Sponsorship Resources and Opportunities - Collaborative Infopreneurship
Roberto Candelaria - Sponsorship Resources and Opportunites - Collaborative Infopreneurship

Roberto C Candelaria's Profile

Author of the #1 International Best-Seller “Relationships Raise Money: A Guide to Corporate Sponsorship” and his forthcoming title “SPONSORSHIP FOR INFLUENCERS: PROFITABLE PARTNERSHIPS IN 5 SIMPLE STEPS”. Roberto has helped generate over $15,000,000 in Sponsorship Money.

Linda Hollander - Sponsorship Resources and Opportunities - Collaborative Infopreneurship

Linda Hollander's Profile

Linda Hollander has been featured by Inc. and Entrepreneur Magazines as the industry leader in corporate sponsorship. She has over 20 years of experience as a business owner and does sponsorship and business consulting. Her clients and sponsors include Microsoft, Fed Ex, Citibank, Mattel, Bank of America, Marriott, Health Net, American Airlines, IBM and Wal Mart.

Attracting Corporate Sponsors - Sponsorhip Resources and Opportunities - Collaborative Infopreneurship


Several of the cause-oriented companies and non-profit organizations cofounding the Collaborative Infopreneurship Network as a Benefit Corporation are planning and preparing to apply the training and technical assistance on sponsorships to attract ideal sponsors for the programs, publicactions and projects they are cocreating. We are inviting other team members and interested parties to help refine, prioritize, strategically implement and attract funding and in-kind services from sponsors who resonate with the vision and mission.

For further details

You will be able to download a document that provides access to the initial brainstorming list that this page is based upon.

Contact us if you are interested in these sponsorship opportunities

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List of Potential Sponsorship Properties, Projects, Events, Publications and Programmes

Sponsorship in establishing the Collaborative Infopreneurship Network Benefit Corporation to help publish and market meaningful content for Bucky Fuller’s vision of  “betterment for 100% of humanity.”

Collaborative Infopreneurship Network Sponsorship
Solving Life's Ultimate Success Puzzle Sponsorship
Supplemental Program Components Sponsorship

Sponsorship of publishing and repurposing 2,000+ pages of content in 14 stand-alone titles on Successful Living Skills including webinars, teleseminars, coaching, online courses, licensing, etc.

Sponsorship of special editions of the 14 stand-alone publications and training programs on Successful Living for target markets such as: youth, AARP,  United Ways, Community Development Corporations and Community Action Agencies, Urban Leagues, Nightingale-Conant, major non-profit organizations, companies, etc.

Sponsorships for the YOUniversity for Successful Living and or each of the 12 individual “Colleges for Successful Living”

Ultimate Destiny University
What Good Would You Do With A Million Dollars A Year Sponsorship

Sponsorship of publications, training programs and “done for you” services based on the content of the forthcoming book, What GOOD Would You Do With A Million Dollars A Year?  

The book provides strategies for harnessing the power of the new Benefit Corporation model now authorized in 31 US States in conjunction with Community Economic Development strategies and getting positioned to generate up to a million a year through the Equity Crowdfunding provisions of the US JOBS Act.

Sponsorship of Expanding the Circle of Success Campaign including strategy to leverage the $100 million Requests for Proposals from the MacArthur Foundation

Expanding the Circle of Success
Expanding the Circle of Success Sponsorship
Example of Major Projects Components Sponsorship
What Critical Problems Can we Solve with 100 Million Sponsorship
Empowerment Resource Center Sponsorship

Sponsorship of the $10,000 ETMs (Empowerment Training Mentoring Systems™) and the $25,000 to $250,000 Empowerment Resource Centers

Sponsorship of translating and repurposing publications, projects and programs for other countries such as the present work with Michel Baise and the non-profit Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation and establishment of the non-profit Foundation for A United State of Americans.

Solving the Ultimate Destiny Puzzle for The USA Sponsorship
Gaia Soul Alliance Foundation Sponsorship

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