Collaborative Infopreneurship Network

Strategic Design and Development of Hundreds of Web Sites

We are also seeking “Mutually Beneficial Collaboration” for the strategic design of hundreds of web sites and mini-web sites for our organizations, publications and programs. Rather than the traditional vendor client relationships, we are seeking Cofounders, “Members” and Featured Resource Providers of the Collaborative Infopreneurship Network who will provide your services at least partly in exchange for shares in the Company and Revenue Participation Arrangements.

We have identified two web development projects:

Creating a “universe of mini-web sites” as an open-source non-profit University for Successful Living that will include 12 “Colleges for Successful Living” and

Developing 101 mini-web sites for our Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award recipients whose programs, products and services are included as Featured Resources in all of our publications, programs and web sites.

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