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A forthcoming book and Ebook from Ultimate Destiny University

Infopreneurship University

Infopreneurship University 101  presents a vision and Strategic Implementation Matrix™ for helping you discover how to “harness the ultimate power of the Internet”. After years of research and development and study, we have determined that Infopreneurship is one of the most essential “Successful Living Skills for the 21st Century.

The contents of the publication will include information on ways to generate income from producing intellectual properties such as books, Ebooks, audio video content, home study programs, online courses, webinars, teleseminars, etc. It will feature resources from some of the initial 50 recipients of the Ultimate Destiny Hall of Fame Award such as Les BrownRobert AllenBrian TracyBob ProctorLoral LangemeierMark Victor Hansen, etc.

Infopreneurship University 101 plan to help introduce the unprecedented opportunities available through the

  • Benefit Corporation model,
  • Equity CrowdFinancing,
  • Infopreneurship and the field of
  • Community Economic Development that includes
    • Self-help,
    • Empowerment and
    • Capacity-building.

We will utilize several forthcoming publications and programs to help launch the public awareness campaign and attract cofounders.

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