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What Critical Problems Could We Solve With 100 Million

We are inviting individuals and organizations interested in developing a collaborative response to the 100 million dollar MacArthur Foundation Request For Proposals to solve critical problems to collaborate in a campaign for Expanding the Circle of Success.

That will include our project to establish a network of Community Economic Development Resource Centers to help introduce the unprecedented resources available for innovation, collaboration, job creation and sustainability through the Benefit Corporation model and forthcoming Equity Crowd Financing provisions of the US JOBS Act.

As CED specialists dedicated to helping manifest Bucky Fuller’s vision of “Betterment for 100% of humanity,” we appreciate the MacArthur Foundation’s initiative on solving major critical PROBLEMS.

Their multiyear initiative reinforces our ongoing campaign to EXPAND THE CIRCLE OF SUCCESS and generate greater individual and collective capacities to find SOLUTIONS to those critical problems!

While we are inviting a collaborative approach to answering the macro question, What Critical Problems Could We Solve Together With $100 Million, we are also focused on two related micro initiatives that will help generate expanded individual, organizational and community capacities for Solving Life’s Ultimate Success Puzzles.

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